Precious Metals
Precious Metals
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Mining provides us with the building blocks of modern society. Think about all the commonplace objects that contain metals – washing machines, laptops, power lines, and even fertilizer. Metals are also key to our transition to less polluting energy. Technologies like solar panels and electric cars rely on metals like aluminum or lithium, so we will need to do a lot more mining in the future to create a low-carbon energy system. But much of the energy used to get minerals out of the ground, and process them, today comes from fossil fuels, and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Forty-four percent of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industry come from producing steel and non-metallic mineral products like cement.

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Mining and metals companies are working to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, but they are not on track to get to net-zero emissions. A key way for this industry to emit less CO2 is to swap out fossil fuels with low-carbon electricity. Some companies are building solar farms near their mines and manufacturing plants to do this, but to complete this transition, more heavy equipment also needs to be redesigned to run on electric power. Another way to lower emissions is to cut down on transportation, by using or refining metals closer to where they’re mined.

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